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OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of hearing loss associated with occupational noise exposure and other risk factors. DESIGN A cross-sectional study involving 269 exposed and 99 non-exposed subjects (non-industrial noise exposed subjects) randomly selected. Current noise exposure was estimated using both sound level meter and noise-dosimeter. Past(More)
The objective was to investigate the reliability and effects of age and noise on high-frequency hearing thresholds. A cross-sectional study was used involving 187 exposed and 52 non-industrial noise-exposed subjects selected randomly from noise-exposed and non-industrial noise-exposed subjects, respectively. Each subject was tested with both(More)
The utilization of wind energy for power generation purposes is becoming increasingly attractive and gaining a great share in the electrical power production market worldwide. In the present study, a mathematical model is developed to study the parameters that affect the electrical power generated by the wind turbines. The considered parameters are turbine(More)
The utilization of wind energy for power generation purposes is occupying a great share in the electrical market worldwide and becoming increasingly attractive. The good exploitation of wind energy may enhance the power generation capabilities, maximize its capacity factor, and participate in generating electricity at good costs. The present paper comprises(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the microtensile bond strength (μTBS) of different adhesives to coronal vs radicular dentin after one year of storage in artificial saliva and under intrapulpal pressure (IPP) simulation. METHODS AND MATERIALS Roots of 36 freshly extracted premolars were sectioned 5 mm apical to the cemento-enamel junction and pulp tissue was(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the bond strength durability of a single-step self-etch adhesive to dentin pretreated with either ethanol-based chlorhexidine (ECHX) or water-based chlorhexidine (WCHX) after storage in artificial saliva and under intrapulpal pressure simulation (IPPS). METHODS The occlusal enamel of 30 freshly extracted premolars was trimmed to(More)
The detection of hearing impairment in neonatal life and prompt intervention prevents the hazards of physical and developmental delay in speech. During a 12-month period between April 1987 and March 1988, the hearing of 151 well babies and 30 high-risk babied aged 6 to 12 months attending the pediatric clinics of King Fahd Hospital of the University (KFHU),(More)
PURPOSE To determine the influence of aging in artificial saliva compared to distilled water on the dentin microtensile bond strength (μTBS) of different adhesive systems. MATERIALS AND METHODS Occlusal enamel and superficial dentin of 42 teeth were removed and roots were sectioned to expose the pulp chamber for connecting the tooth segments to an(More)
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