Omar Hussien

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— A plethora of driver convenience and safety automation systems are being introduced into production vehicles, such as electronic stability control, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, and obstacle avoidance. Assuring the seamless and safe integration of each new automation function with existing control functions is a major challenge for vehicle(More)
—Motivated by the challenge of developing control software provably meeting specifications for real world problems, this paper applies formal methods to adaptive cruise control (ACC). Starting from a Linear Temporal Logic specification for ACC, obtained by interpreting relevant ACC standards, we discuss in this paper two different control software synthesis(More)
Aim: The survey was carried out to detect anti-C. burnetii antibodies in goat's sera samples in eight States in the Sudan during September 2010 – July 2011. Materials and Methods: In a preliminary study, four hundred and sixty caprine sera samples collected from eight States in the Sudan were screened for anti-Coxiella burnetii (the causative agent of Q(More)
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