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INTRODUCTION Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Egyptian women. The disease is often advanced at diagnosis. Since molecular profiling is not feasible in routine practice, we sought to examine the association of age distribution with hormone receptor profile, disease stage and outcome among Egyptian women. PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a(More)
BACKGROUND Traditionally, conservative breast surgery was contraindicated in centrally located breast tumors, with total mastectomy as the treatment of choice. However, restorations of the central defects by the oncoplastic volume displacement or replacement techniques have been shown to be effective. The aim of the current study was to assess the surgical(More)
INTRODUCTION A diagnosis of breast cancer regardless of the stage can be stressful, impact multiple spheres of life, and disrupt physical status, emotional and spiritual well-being, and personal relationships for the patient and family. In order to adapt, the patient ought to employ certain coping mechanisms. Individuals with terminal illness who utilize(More)
BACKGROUND Reconstruction of large scalp defects after tumor resection is a challenging problem. We aimed at putting an algorithm for reconstruction of those defects. METHODS Forty-two patients with scalp malignancies were enrolled in this study. Tumors were resected to a 1 cm negative margin and defects were reconstructed according to their size and to(More)
INTRODUCTION Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Egyptian women. We report the unique assessment of hope and social support outcomes of women with breast cancer after mastectomy in Egyptian community. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between July 2009 and June 2010, three hundred and one women with newly diagnosed breast cancer joined this study.(More)
  • Maha E. Houssen, Hayam F. Ghazy, +4 authors Omar Farouk
  • 2017
AIM OF THE STUDY To assess serum levels of ANP in breast cancer female patients and its relationship to metastasis and some clinical parameters among those patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS One hundred breast cancer patients with and without metastasis along with 20 healthy closely matched controls, were enrolled in the present cross sectional study.(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer in very young patients represents a unique issue that needs more attention as the number of cases is increasing and it has special characteristics at presentation, diagnosis, and biologic behaviors which reflect on both treatment strategies and survival. The aim of the current study was to analyze and report the clinico-pathological(More)
BACKGROUND Although therapeutic mammoplasty (TM) was introduced for treatment of localized ductal carcinoma in situ and invasive breast carcinoma (stages I and II) in females with large breast size, the suitability of medial pedicle TM for treatment of breast tumors at different locations has not been established. The objective of this study was to assess(More)
Background. Postmastectomy seroma causes patients' discomfort, delays starting the adjuvant therapy, and may increase the possibility of surgical site infection. Objective. To evaluate quilting of the mastectomy flaps with obliteration of the axillary space in reducing postmastectomy seroma. Methods. A randomized controlled study was carried out among 120(More)
Background: We report our long term results of isolated limb infusion (ILI) in cases of locally advanced soft-tissue sarcoma (ASTS) of the extremities. Methods: Forty cases of ASTS received ILI with doxorubicin. Preoperative external beam radiotherapy started within 3-7 days after ILI was administered. After 3-7 weeks, surgery was performed aiming at limb(More)