Omar Elmalak

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Liposomes containing bisphosphonates have been shown to deplete circulating monocytes and reduce experimental restenosis. However, acceptable shelf life was not achieved, and the disruption extent and rate of the vesicles in the circulation has not been examined. Designing an optimal liposomal formulation in general, and for an anti-inflammatory effect in(More)
Biodegradable polymers have attracted much attention as implantable drug delivery systems. Uncertainty in extrapolating in vitro results to in vivo systems due to the difficulties of appropriate characterization in vivo, however, is a significant issue in the development of these systems. To circumvent this limitation, noninvasive magnetic resonance(More)
Local vascular drug delivery provides elevated concentrations of drug in the target tissue while minimizing systemic side effects. To better characterize local pharmacokinetics we examined the arterial transport of locally applied dextran and dextran derivatives in vivo. Using a two-compartment pharmacokinetic model to correct the measured transmural flux(More)
The synthesis of biodegradable bone cement compositions is presented. These bone cement compositions can be applied as a putty-like mixture and harden to a strong material in a bone fracture. They degrade from the site of application to allow the ingrowth of new bone for complete healing of the bone fracture. The bone cement is composed of a solid(More)
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