Omar Dary

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Fortification is the process of adding nutrients or non-nutrient bioactive components to edible products (e.g., food, food constituents, or supplements). Fortification can be used to correct or prevent widespread nutrient intake shortfalls and associated deficiencies, to balance the total nutrient profile of a diet, to restore nutrients lost in processing,(More)
Perspectives The importance of scientific evidence to guide nutrition policy and programme design is well established. 1 Nevertheless, there are still critical gaps in the evidence to inform nutrition programme priorities and achievements, 2 and strong pleas have been made for improving the collection and use of evidence in the nutrition sector. 3 Nutrition(More)
Direct observation of the food consumed by a four-year-old girl (see article on page 21). SIGHT AND LIFE NEWSLETTER 3/2000 2 support for training and education. We are impressed by the numerous responses and by the many activities that are already being initiated. We would like to thank all those who help within their possibilities to eliminate vitamin A(More)
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