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Biogeographic evidence supports the Old Amazon hypothesis for the formation of the Amazon fluvial system
This work reconstructed time-calibrated molecular phylogenies through Bayesian inference for six taxa belonging to Amphibia, Aves, Insecta and Mammalia, using both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequence data and fossils as calibration points, and explored priors for both data sources.
Morphological description of the glans penis and baculum of Coendou quichua (Rodentia: Erethizontidae)
The penis of Coendou quichua presents a tenuous dark coloration on the head and small tegumentary protuberances formed by 3-4 small spines, as in other hystricomorph rodents, and the glans exhibits an invagination at its tip which has corrugated walls and presents two conspicuous spikes at the bottom.
Phylogenetic diversity and the north Andean Block conservation
This work presents a plausible phylogenetic scenario for conservation in the North Andean Block and the contribution of the protected areas to the phylogenetic diversity and showed that the Average Taxonomic Distinctness index had the lowest correlation with richness and therefore it is the most suitable index.