Omar Celis-Hernández

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The south west coastal zone in the Gulf of Mexico is an area with great industrial and agricultural development, which experiences intensive prospecting and extraction of hydrocarbons. After running through industrial, agricultural, and urban areas, waters from both the Jamapa River and La Antigua River arrive here. The rivers' discharge areas of influence(More)
The Gulf of Mexico is considered one of the world's major marine ecosystems, supporting important fisheries and habitats such as barrier islands, mangrove forests, seagrass beds, coral reefs etc. It also hosts a range of complex offshore petroleum exploration, extraction, and refining industries, which may have chronic or acute impacts on ecosystem(More)
This study examines sediment texture, geochemistry and sediment accumulation in cores from four sites in the Veracruz shelf area of the Gulf of Mexico, to assess the inputs of heavy metal(loid)s (and their potential biological impacts) in this carbonate-dominated shelf system, and to examine the rate of sedimentation near to the mouths of the La Antigua and(More)
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