Omar Bouhali

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JES Journal of Electrical Systems A novel concept of application of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for generating the optimum switching functions for the voltage and harmonic control of DC-to-AC bridge inverters is presented. In many research, the neural network is trained off line using the desired switching angles given by the classic harmonic(More)
A new adaptive neural control scheme for quadrotor helicopter stabilization at the presence of sinusoidal disturbance is proposed in this paper. The adaptive control classical laws such e-modification presents some limitations in particular when persistent oscillations are presenting in the input. These techniques can create a dilemma between weights(More)
— This paper presents an adaptive fuzzy control strategy to solve the problem of trajectory tracking for quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle in the presence of model parameters uncertainties and external disturbances. A fuzzy system is employed to approximate directly a model based control law developed using backstepping techniques. The adaptive laws for(More)
An adaptive sliding mode control based on two neural networks is proposed in this paper for Quadrotor stabilization. This approach presents solutions to conventional control drawbacks as chattering phenomenon and dynamical model imprecision. For that reason two ANN for each quadrotor helicopter subsystem are implemented in the control loop, the first one is(More)
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