Omar Bin Zakaria

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Information and computer security is supported largely by passwords which are the principle part of the authentication process. The most common computer authentication method is to use alphanumerical username and password which has significant drawbacks. To overcome the vulnerabilities of traditional methods, visual or graphical password schemes have been(More)
Nowadays, user authentication is one of the important topics in information security. Text-based strong password schemes could provide with certain degree of security. However, the fact that strong passwords being difficult to memorize often leads their owners to write them down on papers or even save them in a computer file. Graphical user authentication(More)
Passwords are widely used when accessing computers, networks, accounts and websites. A big draw back of password is called password problem which is not being resist against several password attacks such as guessing, dictionary attack, key-loggers, shoulder-surfing and social engineering. Other than being secure against these attacks passwords should be(More)
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