Omar B. Sánchez-Reyes

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GPR120, free fatty acid receptor 4, is a recently deorphanized G protein-coupled receptor that seems to play cardinal roles in the regulation of metabolism and in the pathophysiology of inflammatory and metabolic disorders. In the present work a GPR120-Venus fusion protein was expressed in HEK293 Flp-In T-REx cells and its function (increase in(More)
Internalization of G protein-coupled receptors can be triggered by agonists or by other stimuli. The process begins within seconds of cell activation and contributes to receptor desensitization. The Rab GTPase family controls endocytosis, vesicular trafficking, and endosomal fusion. Among their remarkable properties is the differential distribution of its(More)
FFA1 (previously known as GPR40) is a free fatty acid receptor involved in the regulation of inflammatory processes and insulin secretion. The cellular actions resulting from FFA1 activation have received considerable attention. However, little is known on the regulation of the receptor function. In the present work, using cells transfected with this(More)
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