Omar Alvarez

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Intertidal mollusks are subjected to an intense environmental pressure, from human-induced stressors, mainly harvesting, to competition for food and space with other species. Here we used mollusk shell size as a measure of size distribution and reproductive potential of intertidal limpets. Two species of exploited limpets (Patella candei crenata and Patella(More)
HTTP adaptive streaming has become the dominant solution for broadband streaming delivery. Essentially, the server delivers small chunks of content in response to queries from a player, that can alternate between different qualities of content depending on its rendering capabilities and the network condition. In this paper, we highlight that the frequent(More)
Sperm whales are present in the Canary Islands year-round, suggesting that the archipelago is an important area for this species in the North Atlantic. However, the area experiences one of the highest reported rates of sperm whale ship-strike in the world. Here we investigate if the number of sperm whales found in the archipelago can sustain the current(More)
Nowadays, the products/systems project has demanded the inclusion of maintainability characteristics in order to facilitate support activities, and, so, to reduce the time of intervention used for repair, life cycle cost, and improvement of availability and operational regularity. This work develops a scale evaluation model of the maintainability indexes,(More)
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