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This paper presents the development of an Internet based experimental laboratory facility where students and faculty can perform experiments through a web-assisted physical laboratory from a remote location. The equipment is housed within a laboratory, while the only requirement for the remote site is a PC with Internet access and a browser. In order to(More)
Optimizing jobshop-scheduling problems (JSSPs), in wh ich imprecise processing times are modeled as fuzzy numbers, results in more flexible solution. That is, the produced schedule is flexible; it stays valid and can cope with all possible durations within the specified range. In this paper, we present evidences that support the claim that solving JSSPs(More)
Simulation tools allow its users to computationally model real-life systems in order to determine their best future outcome. One real-life system that can benefit from simulation is that of the retail industry. This paper describes how simulation can be an effective tool for this type of industry, especially for process improvement projects. In addition, a(More)
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