Omar A. AbuGhneim

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In this paper, we prove that for any positive integers k, n with k ≥ 2, the graph P k n is a divisor graph if and only if n ≤ 2k + 2, where P k n is the k power of the path Pn. For powers of cycles we show that C n is a divisor graph when n ≤ 2k + 2, but is not a divisor graph when n ≥ 2k + bk2 c+ 3, where C k n is the k th power of the cycle Cn. Moreover,(More)
A directed covering design, DC(v, k, λ), is a (v, k, 2λ) covering design in which the blocks are regarded as ordered k-tuples and in which each ordered pair of elements occurs in at least λ blocks. Let DE(v, k, λ) denote the minimum number of blocks in a DC(v, k, λ). In this paper the values of the function DE(v, k, λ) are determined for all odd integers v(More)
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