Omaima Nomir

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This paper addresses the problem of developing an automated system for postmortem identification using dental records. The Automated Dental Identification System (ADIS) can be used by law enforcement agencies to locate missing persons using databases of dental x-rays. Currently, this search and identification process is carried out manually, which makes it(More)
Law enforcement agencies have exploited biometrics for decades as key tools in forensic identification. With the evolution in information technology and the huge volume of cases that need to be investigated by forensic specialists, automating the process of forensic identification became inevitable. Postmortem (PM) identification, encountered in mass(More)
The goal of forensic dentistry is to identify individuals based on their dental characteristics. In this paper we present a system for identifying individuals from their dental X-ray records. Given a dental record, usually a postmortem (PM) radiograph, the system searches a database of ante mortem (AM) radiographs and retrieves the best matches from the(More)