Olwen Murphy

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BACKGROUND Several million children are killed each year by diarrhoeal diseases; preventive strategies appropriate for developing countries are vital. Despite strong circumstantial evidence that flies are vectors of diarrhoeal diseases, no convincing studies of the impact of fly control on diarrhoea incidence in developing countries have been reported. We(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To evaluate a dipstick algorithm for urinary tract colonization, prior to high-dose corticosteroid treatment in acute relapses of multiple sclerosis (MS). METHODS Prospective cohort study of 267 consecutive patients with MS relapses requiring corticosteroid treatment in a hospital-based, ambulatory, acute MS relapse clinic. A total(More)
We describe the clinical and neuropathological features of two cases of cerebellar degeneration with selective involvement of the dentate nucleus. Both cases were associated with malignancy, however known paraneoplastic antibodies were absent. Pathological studies at autopsy confirmed T-cell-mediated neuronal destruction in the cerebellum which was(More)
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