Oluwatoyin Thomas

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Calmodulin activates the skeletal muscle Ca(2+) release channel RYR1 at nm Ca(2+) concentrations and inhibits the channel at microm Ca(2+) concentrations. Using a deletion mutant of calmodulin, we demonstrate that amino acids 2-8 are required for high affinity binding of calmodulin to RYR1 at both nm and microm Ca(2+) concentrations and are required for(More)
The electromigration threshold in copper interconnect is reported in this study. The critical product jLc was first determined for copper-oxide interconnects in the temperature range 250/spl deg/C-350/spl deg/C from package level experiments. It is shown that the product does not significantly change in this temperature range. Then jLc was extracted for(More)
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