Oluwatosin O. Alabi

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Recent data breaches involving large companies have demonstrated that the loss of control over protected and confidential data can become a serious threat to business operations and national security. As the use of Hadoop continues to grow rapidly, the development of methods for addressing security challenges related to Hadoop becomes imperative, and in(More)
Data intensive applications comprise a considerable portion of HPC center workloads. Whether large amounts of data transfer occur before, during or after an application is executed, this cost must be considered. Not just in terms of performance (e.g. time to completion), but also in terms of power consumed to complete these necessary tasks. At the system(More)
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy using a gold substrate and excitation at 514 nm can detect sub parts per million quantities of asphaltene and thereby petroleum. This simple format and sensitivity make it transformative for applications including sample triage, flow assurance, environmental protection and analysis of unique one of a kind materials.
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