Oluwatosin Emmanuel Adedipe

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Near Infrared (NIR) and Fluorescence (FS) spectroscopy were investigated for their ability to rapidly separate three Canadian softwoods: balsam fir, western hemlock, and white spruce. NIR and FS spectral data were used to develop classification models using soft independent modeling of class analogies (SIMCA) method. For each wood species, spectra of 90(More)
Development of lower acrylamide (AA) potato varieties for the potato processing industry requires rapid and accurate quantification methods to facilitate selection. This study focused on the development of NIRS as a screening tool for the prediction of AA concentration in French-fries and chips. For NIRS calibration in chips, samples of potato clones were(More)
This study investigated the ability of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to predict acrylamide content in French-fried potato. Potato flour spiked with acrylamide (50-8000 μg/kg) was used to determine if acrylamide could be accurately predicted in a potato matrix. French fries produced with various pretreatments and cook times (n = 84) and obtained from(More)
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