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Reliable spectrum sensing is the very task upon which the entire operation of cognitive radio rests. Blind sensing of spectral-holes using a radiometer (energy detectors) is one of the solutions that have been proposed for enabling opportunistic spectrum access. This article revisits the problem of energy detection of an unknown deterministic signal over a(More)
In this article, we present a novel moment generating function (MGF) approach for performance evaluation of twohops cooperative non-regenerative multi-relay networks over a myriad of stochastic channel models. First, we develop very tight exponential approximations for the erfc(.) and erfc2(.) functions which will facilitate the development of a unified(More)
— In this article, we develop new analytical techniques for the performance analysis of energy detection with selection diversity combining (SDC) and square-law selection (SLS) diversity schemes over generalized fading channels. We present two novel approaches in this work. The derived frameworks are based on the canonical series representation of Marcum(More)
In this article, we investigate the performance of classical and modified periodogram based on the Neyman-Pearson (NP) criterion in terms of the false alarm and detection probabilities. We derive analytical expressions that allow us to compare the performance of the classical periodogram with the Bartlett's and the Welch's modified periodogram over(More)
In this article, we present a unified approach for the asymptotic analysis of symbol error rates for two-hops cooperative non-regenerative multi-relay networks over a myriad of stochastic channel models. The analysis can be also extended to other types of cooperative strategies and multi-hop networks without much difficulty. The proposed moment generating(More)
In this article, we derive closed-form expressions for the area under the receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve (hereafter, referred to as AUC metric) of energy detectors with/without diversity receiver over a myriad of fading environments. Our "unified" expression for the AUC performance metric only requires the knowledge of the derivatives of the(More)
In this article, we develop a closed form evaluation of the area under receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve (AUC) when employed in the analysis of cooperative amplify-and-forward (CAF) relay-based energy detection. The developed analytical expression for AUC results into finite kth order derivative of the moment generating function of the(More)