Oluwaseyi Feyisetan

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The prominence of the place of cloud computing in future converged networks is incontestable. This is due to the obvious advantages of the cloud as a medium of storage with ubiquity of access platforms and minimal hardware requirements on the user end. Secure delivery of data to and from the cloud is however a serious issue that needs to be addressed. We(More)
Crowdsourcing via paid microtasks has been successfully applied in a plethora of domains and tasks. Previous efforts for making such crowdsourcing more effective have considered aspects as diverse as task and workflow design, spam detection, quality control, and pricing models. Our work expands upon such efforts by examining the potential of adding(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of finding Named Entities in very large micropost datasets. We propose methods to generate a sample of representative microposts by discovering tweets that are likely to refer to new entities. Our approach is able to significantly speed-up the semantic analysis process by discarding retweets, tweets without(More)
Paid microtask crowdsourcing has traditionally been approached as an individual activity, with units of work created and completed independently by the members of the crowd. Other forms of crowdsourcing have, however, embraced more varied models, which allow for a greater level of participant interaction and collaboration. This article studies the(More)
This paper explores the factors that influence the human component in hybrid approaches to named entity recognition (NER) in microblogs, which combine state-of-the-art automatic techniques with human and crowd computing. We identify a set of content and crowdsourcing-related features (number of entities in a post, types of entities, content sentiment,(More)
In recent years, Cloud computing is one of the most attractive technological research area because of its flexibility as well as cost efficiency. Generally in a cloud the data are transferred among the client and the server. While the transferring of the data takes place, security becomes the major concern. Efficient security system must be employed in a(More)
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