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Introduction. The morbidity and mortality from malaria are still unacceptably high in the developing countries, especially among the vulnerable groups like pregnant women and under-five children, despite all control efforts. The knowledge about the preventive measures of malaria is an important preceding factor for the acceptance and use of malaria(More)
Refugees as “People Living in Highly Stressful Situation” are particularly vulnerable to mental ill-health as a result of the trauma experienced pre- and post-migration. The lack of information on the mental health disparities of refugees and non-refugees in West Africa is what this study aimed to bridge. A cross-sectional study design was employed using a(More)
OBJECTIVES Conventionally, existing information on elder abuse has been institution based, professionally driven, and in high-income countries. This study addresses the prevailing gap in knowledge through direct consultation of older persons in the community about their perceptions of elder abuse. METHOD Eight focus group discussions were carried out(More)
Medicinal plants play crucial roles in the treatment of deadly but treatable diseases at little or no cost. This study evaluates some of the valuable medicinal forest plants commonly used for treating Chicken pox by the various ethnic groups in Giwa Local Government, Kaduna State, Nigeria. Structured questionnaires were administered to the identified(More)
AIM The literature on the use of evidence-based practice is sparse, both in the public and private sectors in middle-and low-income countries, and the present literature shows that physician understanding and use of evidence-based practice is poor. The study aimed to explore the perception of medical practitioners in the private for-profit, private(More)
INTRODUCTION Increased emphasis is being laid on ensuring that health resources are efficiently utilized, especially in resource-constrained settings such as in Nigeria. One of the main indices of how efficiently a health institution is being run is Length of Stay (LOS), which is likely to be higher in chronic diseases such as stroke and diabetes. Stroke is(More)
Among the serious mental health problems that may be associated with being a refugee is suicidal behavior. This study aimed to assess the prevalence and correlates of suicidal ideation among African refugees in Oru-Ijebu Nigeria. Suicidal ideation was assessed using appropriate section in the Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview while the brief(More)
BACKGROUND The continued relevance of optimal employee mental health to sustainable human capital development in the workplace underscores the need to start harnessing all resources that can be mobilized to promote the entrenchment of workplace mental health. The strategic place of workplace Human Resource (HR) units in formulating and implementing(More)
Background With the introduction of HAART in many HIV treatment centers in Nigeria, there has been a decreased incidence of AIDS-related mortality and growing concern about the incidence of AIDS specific and nonAIDS specific cancers. This study thus sought to investigate patterns and incidence of cervical and anal warts among patients in a Special Treatment(More)
OBJECTIVES The Nigerian health system has been engulfed in a crisis occasioned by a deluge of strike actions by resident doctors in recent times. Dissatisfaction with conditions of service has been cited as the bone of contention. Job satisfaction studies among doctors have provided insights into the contributory factors to recurrent industrial disputes in(More)