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This contribution demonstrates the fabrication process of dielectric elastomer transducers (DETs). DETs are stretchable capacitors consisting of an elastomeric dielectric membrane sandwiched between two compliant electrodes. The large actuation strains of these transducers when used as actuators (over 300% area strain) and their soft and compliant nature(More)
—Debris in space present an ever-increasing problem for spacecraft in Earth orbit. As a step in the mitigation of this issue, the CleanSpace One (CSO) microsatellite has been proposed. Its mission is to perform active debris removal of a decommissioned nanosatellite (the CubeSat SwissCube). An important aspect of this project is the development of the(More)
A key element in stretchable actuators, sensors, and systems based on elastomer materials are compliant electrodes. While there exist many methodologies for fabricating electrodes on dielectric elastomers, very few succeed in achieving high-resolution patterning over large areas. We present a novel approach for the production of mechanically robust,(More)
Fixing a prestretched dielectric elastomer actuator (DEA) on a flexible frame allows transformation of the intrinsic in-plane area expansion of DEAs into complex three-dimensional (3D) structures whose shape is determined by a configuration that minimizes the elastic energy of the actuator and the bending energy of the frame. These stuctures can then unfold(More)
A very low-loss tunable millimeter-wave phase shifter driven by dielectric elastomer actuators (DEAs) is presented. The device consists of a fixed coplanar waveguide (CPW) and two metallic loading strips suspended on an elastomer membrane. The horizontal offset between the CPW and the strips is dynamically controlled by integrated DEAs. The variable(More)
Dielectric Elastomer Actuators (DEAs) are an emerging actuation technology which are inherent lightweight and compliant in nature, enabling the development of unique and versatile devices, such as the Dielectric Elastomer Minimum Energy Structure (DEMES). We present the development of a multisegment DEMES actuator for use in a deployable microsatellite(More)
The development of thin-film dielectric elastomer strain sensors for the characterization of smooth muscle cell (SMC) contraction is presented here. Smooth muscle disorders are an integral part of diseases such as asthma and emphysema. Analytical tools enabling the characterization of SMC function i.e. contractile force and strain, in a low-cost and highly(More)
The walls of nozzle refractories in steelmaking processes can clog or erode, depending on their composition relative to the inclusions in the steel. Both problems can lead to severe inclusion problems in the cast product. Fundamental computational models are developed to study the complex coupled phenomena which govern this process: the turbulent flow of(More)
We present a theoretical model to optimise the unidirectional motion of a rigid object bonded to a miniaturized dielectric elastomer actuator (DEA), a configuration found for example in AMI's haptic feedback devices, or in our tuneable RF phase shifter. Recent work has shown that unidirectional motion is maximized when the membrane is both anistropically(More)