Olusola O. Adesope

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Verbal redundancy arises from the concurrent presentation of text and verbatim speech. To inform theories of multimedia learning that guide the design of educational materials, a meta-analysis was conducted to investigate the effects of spoken-only, written-only, and spoken–written presentations on learning retention and transfer. After an extensive search(More)
Educators stand to benefit from advance predictions of their students' course performance based on learning process data collected in their courses. Indeed, such predictions can help educators not only to identify at-risk students, but also to better tailor their instructional methods. In computing education, at least two different measures, the Error(More)
Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) are computer programs that model learners’ psychological states to provide individualized instruction. They have been developed for diverse subject areas (e.g., algebra, medicine, law, reading) to help learners acquire domain-specific, cognitive and metacognitive knowledge. A meta-analysis was conducted on research that(More)
Social learning theory emphasizes the importance of providing learners with opportunities to observe their peers, and to participate actively in a community. Unfortunately, early computing courses tend to emphasize individual programming assignments, which discourage learners from observing and working with their peers. In order to explore the possibility(More)
BACKGROUND Many countries rely on immigrants for population growth and to maintain a skilled workforce. However, many such immigrants face literacy-related barriers to success in education and in the labour force. AIMS This meta-analysis reviews experimental and quasi-experimental studies to examine strategies for teaching English literacy to immigrant(More)
Advances in information technologies have resulted in the use of pedagogical agents to facilitate learning. Although several studies have been conducted to examine the effects of pedagogical agents on learning, little is known about gender stereotypes of agents and how those stereotypes influence student learning and attitudes. This study investigates if(More)
Changes in students’ personal epistemology are especially important for engineering educators to examine because they may affect the way students learn and their ability to adapt to engineering education learning environments and culture. Despite the large amount of theoretical research that has been done concerning students’ conceptual change, little(More)