Oluseye Oladotun Bolaji

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The use of decoctions of different plant materials is common practice in antimalarial ethnomedicine in Africa. Scientific evaluation of such herbal combinations to verify the claims is important. The study has evaluated the antimalarial efficacy of MAMA decoction (MD), a multicomponent herbal preparation and its individual plant components, namely leaves of(More)
OBJECTIVES This manuscript describes the development, validation and clinical application of a novel method for the quantification of the antiretroviral drug efavirenz in dried breast milk spots using LC-MS. METHODS Dried breast milk spots were prepared by spotting 30 μL of human breast milk on each circle of Whatman 903 Protein Saver cards.(More)
Xanthine oxidase (XO) is one of the two interconvertible forms of xanthine oxidoreductase and well-studied for its role in purine catabolism and that of other purine analogues, drugs especially. Our study investigated the incidence of polymorphism in phenotypes along with the influence of gender and age on enzyme activity in a Nigerian population. Caffeine(More)
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