Oluseye Oladotun Bolaji

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Abstract Objective. The genetic polymorphic metabolic oxidation of proguanil was investigated in 126 healthy, unrelated Nigerian subjects as an indication of the phenotypic status of CYP2C19 in Nigerians. Methods. The proguanil oxidation capacity was determined using the 8-h urinary metabolic ratio of the parent drug and its metabolite (cycloguanil) after a(More)
The possible occurrence of a kinetic interaction between cyclosporine A and glibenclamide was assessed by reviewing data of six posttransplant diabetic patients who received the two drugs concurrently. Coadministration of the two drugs resulted in a 57% increase in the steady-state plasma cyclosporine levels despite normal hepatic and renal functions in the(More)
A new simple, selective and reproducible high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of quinine in plasma, saliva and urine is described. The ion-pair method was carried out on a reversed-phase C18 column, using perchlorate ion as the counter ion and ultraviolet detection at 254 nm. Quinine was well resolved from its major(More)
The pharmacokinetics of quinine were studied in six Nigerian patients during acute uncomplicated falciparum malaria and convalescent periods. An oral dose of 10 mg/kg quinine dihydrochloride administered 8‐hourly for 7 days gave parasite and fever clearance times of 36.0 ± 16.6 h and 18.0 ± 6.4 h, respectively. From the individual quinine plasma profiles(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the possibility of a different extent of chloroquine (CQ) metabolism in human pregnancy by determining blood level profiles of the drug and its major metabolite, desethylchloroquine (CQM). METHODS Five women in the early third trimester of pregnancy and five non-pregnant women received each a single 600 mg oral dose of CQ and blood(More)
WHAT IS KNOWN AND OBJECTIVE Imatinib mesylate is the first-line drug for the treatment of Philadelphia/bcr-abl positive chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML). It is known to be metabolized mostly by CYP3A4 and CYP3A5 isoforms while its efflux is mediated by the transporters ABCB1 and ABCG2. Genetic polymorphism of some of these enzymes and transporters have been(More)
In vitro metabolism of the tricyclic antidepressant trimipramine using a commercial preparation of human CYP2D6 isozyme expressed in a human cell line is described. 2-Hydroxytrimipramine and a previously unreported metabolite, 2,10- or 2,11-dihydroxytrimipramine were isolated. Their structures were determined by gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy of(More)
BACKGROUND The antiretroviral drug efavirenz is widely used during breastfeeding. Evaluating its safety requires an understanding of its breast milk pharmacokinetics, level of breastfed infants' exposure, and potential influence of polymorphisms in drug disposition genes. METHODS For this observational study, we investigated plasma and breast milk(More)
OBJECTIVES This manuscript describes the development, validation and clinical application of a novel method for the quantification of the antiretroviral drug efavirenz in dried breast milk spots using LC-MS. METHODS Dried breast milk spots were prepared by spotting 30 μL of human breast milk on each circle of Whatman 903 Protein Saver cards.(More)