Olufunmilola Awoniyi

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Packet loss leads to a reduction in TCP throughput for data and a loss in intelligibility for VoIP. In general, packet loss is a function of packet error rate due to transmissions errors in the channel. In this paper, we develop an analytical packet error rate (PER) expression for convolutional coded OFDMbased WLANs operating in frequency selective(More)
We investigate the quality of voice communication over IEEE 802.11a WLANs taking realistic channel models into account. We show that the assessment of VoIP performance is overly optimistic if fading is ignored when compared with systems where fading is taken into account. Via simulation, we derive the distribution of VoIP performance (in terms of mean(More)
This paper considers receiver design for space time block coded MIMO OFDM transmission over frequency and time selective channels. The receiver employs the expectation-maximization algorithm for joint channel and data recovery. It makes collective use of the data and channel constraints of the communication problem. The data constraints include pilots, the(More)
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