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Wife beating is one of the most common forms of violence against women by husbands or other intimate male partners. Although violence against women is pervasive, there are only few studies documenting the magnitude of the problem especially among the working class. The civil service comprises of persons from all socio-economic levels and different(More)
AIM To determine the prevalence of violence to pregnant women within 12 months prior to and during the current pregnancy. METHODS Cross-sectional study of 534 pregnant women attending three secondary and one tertiary health facility in Abeokuta, Nigeria using semistructured interviewer-administered questionnaires. RESULTS Prevalence of violence within(More)
All patients, who presented at the Sexually Transmitted Disease clinic of the University College Hospital, Ibadan, between the period of August 1996 and January 1998 were included in this study. They were examined for genital infections in order to determine the prevalence rate of Human papilloma virus genital infection (genital warts) among them. Out of(More)
BACKGROUND High rate of motor vehicle accidents' have been associated with poor vision. Studies on drivers from elsewhere other than health institutions have found abnormal visual acuities. The aim of this study is to determine prevalence of refractive errors and the attitude to spectacle wear among drivers of public institutions studied. METHODS A cross(More)
INTRODUCTION The epidemic of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) continues in Nigeria despite efforts to control it. Meaningful efforts aimed at combating this disease must be multisectoral. However, despite the major influence religious leaders have in this society, their role has not been well studied. The aim of the study was to assess the perceptions and(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess knowledge, attitude and management practices on intimate partner violence (IPV) in primary care practice and determine barriers to screening, safety concerns and prior training of health workers. METHODS Self administered questionnaire interview of 298 health workers from 104 health facilities in the 33 local government areas of Oyo(More)
In sub-Saharan Africa rates of intimate partner violence (IPV) are high. Thus, identifying reasons for abuse is crucial in ensuring women's health. Hence, mens perception of IPV was assessed, and prevalence of abuse determined. Survey of 820 married men from six urban communities in Ibadan was done using interviewer administered questionnaire. Four focus(More)
CONTEXT Despite the crucial role that autopsy plays in the development of the science and practice of medicine, autopsy rates have been declining throughout the world in recent decades. OBJECTIVE To identify factors influencing the acceptance of autopsies in Nigeria. DESIGN Cross-sectional survey of the knowledge, attitude, and perceptions of doctors(More)
The ethnographic study was conducted in two communities in Oyo State in Southwestern Nigeria. The study sites consisted of a rural and an urban local government area located in the tropical rain forest zone of Nigeria. The study was designed to obtain information on febrile illnesses and herbal remedies for treatment with the aim of identifying potential(More)
This study documents the knowledge and home management practices of 376 mothers and care givers of under five children on malaria fever. Results revealed that both the knowledge and case management practices were poor as only 179 (46.8%) knew how malaria was transmitted. Of those who knew malaria could be prevented, clearing of bushes and gutters was the(More)