Olufunke O. Oladipupo

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This study examines the relationship between students' pre-admission academic profile and academic performance. Data sample of students in the Department of Computer Science in one of Nigeria private Universities was used. The pre-admission academic profile considered includes 'O' level grades, University Matriculation Examination (UME) scores, and Post-UME(More)
Fuzzy Association Rule Mining Expert-Driven (FARMED) approach to knowledge acquisition is proposed in this paper as a viable solution to the challenges of rule-based unwieldiness and sharp boundary problem in building a fuzzy rule-based expert system. The fuzzy models were based on domain experts' opinion about the data description. The proposed approach is(More)
In the past, Cryptography was used in keeping military information, diplomatic correspondence secure and in protection of national security. Nowadays, the range of cryptography applications have been expanded a lot in the modern area after the development of communication means; cryptography is essentially required to ensure that data are protected against(More)
A Text-to-speech synthesizer is an application that converts text into spoken word, by analyzing and processing the text using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and then using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to convert this processed text into synthesized speech representation of the text. Here, we developed a useful text-to-speech synthesizer in(More)
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