Olufade F. W. Onifade

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Traffic shaping function becomes imperative for the new broadband services that are being deployed in order to avoid information loss, to provide the end users multiple traffic options in terms of bandwidth and to ensure optimal use of the communication channels. To simultaneously manage the amount of cell loss and delay experienced by two or more classes(More)
The inefficiencies of current spam filters against fraudulent (419) mails is not unrelated to the use by spammers of good-word attacks, topic drifts, parasitic spamming, wrong categorization and recategorization of electronic mails by e-mail clients and of course the fuzzy factors of greed and gullibility on the part of the recipients who responds to(More)
Our prosperity and well-being are founded on efficient access to goods, services, people and places. In many developing countries, inadequate transport facilities are often the norm rather than the exception. A good transport system is essential to support economic growth and development. Nowadays, Traffic congestion resulting into excessive waiting time(More)
Human beings are seen as a problem solver, and the process follows the simple input-process-output. Thus having identified a decisional problem (input), will apply some rules of inference and problem solving techniques based on experience and cognitive abilities (processing) to deduce or arrive at some conclusion (output). Information is frequently defined(More)
Biometric systems are broadly classified into unimodal and multimodal system. Attempt to ameliorate the inadequacies of the unimodal systems brought about the use of multimodal systems. Multimodal comprises of both the hard (capable of unique identification) and soft (not necessarily unique) biometric traits. Employing this provision for enrolment,(More)
Potential capital losses and heightened exposure are inherent in the usage of poor data quality management. Existing efforts like treating data as products; capturing metadata to manage data quality; statistical techniques; source calculus and algebra; data stewardship and dimensional gap analysis all failed in inculcating the contextual factors which a(More)
The advent of wireless communication technology has brought new innovations as well as challenges to telecommunication. Consequently, the use of handheld devices such as mobile handsets, powered by the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) networks is on the increase. Unfortunately GSM services provisions are still faced with the challenges of(More)