Olubusola A. Odeniyi

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A study was carried out on a new strain of Rhizopus stolonifer RCH7 isolated from a spontaneouslyfermenting rice husk sample. Growth characteristics on and utilization profile of various substrates by this isolate were investigated. The isolate was found to display the most extensive mycelia proliferation at a temperature of 37°C and a pH of 4.0. Divalent(More)
The characteristics of an endoglucanase produced by a Trichoderma virens strain T9 newly isolated from a palm-fruit husk dump site, its physiological characteristics and enzyme production were studied. Whole cells of the depolymerizing-enzyme producing T. virens were applied to palm-fruit husk and bird performance characteristics when employed as poultry(More)
Polyhydroxyalkanoic acids (PHA) are biodegradable microbially synthesised polymers which can act as alternatives to conventional petrochemical based plastics. Bacterial isolates from soil and sewage samples were screened for the ability to accumulate PHA using Sudan Black B dye, and growth conditions of the best PHA accumulating bacterium was optimized. The(More)
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