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Hierarchical graphs provide a data structure to support a programming model that aims to improve understandability by creating an architectural basis for building inspectable systems.We engage developers in constructing and exposing a runtime model of a system in a clear and structured way, thereby enabling them to build inspectable systems. This approach(More)
Real-time digital signal processing algorithms such as filters, FFTs, speech coding algorithms, etc. can be realized on Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) using assembly language. As the size of DSP applications increase programming such algorithms in assembler is a time and cost consuming task, because it requires a thorough knowledge of both the processor(More)
This paper presents a generic hardware-accelerated OFDM simulator. Firstly, a generic and reusable OFDM system simulator is proposed. The simulator, implemented with Matlab, supports several channel models and channel estimation techniques. Secondly, the execution time of the proposed simulator is optimized. For this purpose, the simulator is implemented on(More)
While caches are familiar in RISC microprocessors, they’ve only recently entered the world of DSPs. DSP processor vendors preferred no cache at all or simple instruction buffers instead of complicated memories with caches. Caches bring a fair amount of unpredictability into hardware systems. That was the main reason why caches haven’t been used in DSP(More)
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