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  • O. Ojo, Gan Dong
  • 2005
Using an expanded reference frame transformation expressed in the complex-variable form, the possibilities offered by multi-phase converters, using carrier-based, sine-triangle pulse-width modulation to generate voltages of different frequencies to actuate multi-phase electric machines are set forth. The generalized expressions for the modulation signals,(More)
High power, high reliability electric motor drives in such applications as electric ship propulsions, electric locomotives and hybrid electric vehicles require the use of high order phase electric machines run with multi-phase converters. Presently, five and asymmetrical six-phase machines with their associated converters are emerging industry standards.(More)
  • O. Ojo
  • 1991
A pragmatic design philosophy for variable speed motor drives that seeks to satisfy all the desirable goals of the designer based on a multiobjective (vector) optimization formulation is presented. Pareto-optimal (noninferior) solutions are found from which the best is chosen based on the designer's preferences. The design of a current-fed surface-mounted(More)
The air-gap flux linkage of a dual-stator-winding squirrel-cage induction machine comprises of four fundamental flux components due to the currents flowing in the two stator windings with P<sub>1</sub> and P<sub>2</sub> pole numbers and the currents that they induce in the squirrel cage. In view of the dissimilar pole numbers of the stator windings and(More)
Home appliances and comfort conditioners are yet to benefit from the recent developments in power electronics because of cost constraints. In this paper, a speed-sensorless induction motor drive system using converters with reduced device counts (minimalist, sparse converters) and actuated from a single-phase system is proposed for such low-cost(More)
Common-mode voltage (CMV) in voltage-source inverters (VSIs) has been well defined and is frequently referred to in the literature. While often referred to, there is no real consistency with respect to how the CMV properties of an individual modulation scheme are evaluated, lacking tools to assess the relative merits or disadvantages of a certain topology(More)