Olorunfemi Cornelius Jegede

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This study was undertaken to screen fractions of extracts of Spigelia anthelmia to fi nd out its anthelmintic activity against experimental Nippostrongylus braziliensis infection in rats. 1000 g of the ethanolic crude extract of Spigelia anthelmia yielded 199 g (19.9%) while fractionation with chloroform, water and ethylacetate yielded 120 g (60%), 64 (32%)(More)
Spigelia anthelmia Linn is used as a herb and is a common annual weed of cultivation in open re-growths, on unused land in towns as well as on road sides. The plant can grow to approximately 30 cm in height. The aim of this study was to screen extracts of Spigelia anthelmia for their anthelmintic activity against an experimental Nippostrongylus braziliensis(More)
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