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N=4 Yang-Mills Theory on the Light Cone
Abstract The 10-dimensional supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory is constructed in the light-cone gauge. When the theory is dimensionally reduced to four dimensions it is shown that the corresponding N =Expand
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The ultra-violet finiteness of the N=4 Yang-Mills theory☆
Abstract The N =4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills gauge theory was formulated by us in a previous paper in the light-cone gauge. It is described by a scalar complex superfield whose components are theExpand
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Light cone actions for gravity and higher spins: some further results
It has been suggested that field theories for arbitrary spin can be defined, using the light front formulation of dynamics. The higher order terms in the actions are discussed in this paper. We showExpand
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Superspace gauge theories with central charges
The superspace constraints leading to off-shell formulations of extended supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories for N = 2 and 4 are generalised to N = 6 in the abelian case. This leads to an on-shellExpand
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Spinning strings, the scalar multiplet, and supergravity in (2+2)-dimensional superspace
We derive a Lagrangian for the spinning string in superspace or alternatively for a scalar multiplet coupled to two-dimensional supergravity. The coupling is nonminimal and leads automatically to anExpand
The use of private labels as a strategic branding tool
The aim of this study is to provide a better understanding of how private labels is used as a strategic branding tool. Our research explores, describes and somewhat explains the objectives with ...
Sport sponsorship in Sweden : case studies describing how two Swedish companies decide upon sport sponsorship proposals
The purpose of this thesis is to gain a deeper understanding of how Swedish companies decide upon sport sponsorship proposals. We have explored, described and started to explain the objec-tives ...
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Extended supersymmetry and the vacuum
Abstract Using light-cone superspace techniques and the adiabatic formalism, we show that the level shift between the bare and the physical vacua is zero order by order in perturbation theory inExpand
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