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The effects of peroperative electrical calf muscle stimulation with groups of impulses giving a short lasting tetanus of the calf muscles on postoperative deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) were compared with that of dextran 40 given per and postoperatively. The incidence of DVT and PE during the first 4-6 postoperative days was(More)
The effects of pre-treatment with mannitol and the iron chelator desferrioxamine on oxygen radical formation and glomerular and tubular function after ischaemia in the rabbit kidney were studied. Radicals were measured with ESR and spin trapping. At reperfusion after 60 min of renal ischaemia there was a significant increase in the production of free(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the long-term outcome after reconstructive surgery in patients with bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis subdivided into subtypes. METHODS A total of 47 patients, fulfilling the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Arthritis, Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases criteria, were evaluated retrospectively. They(More)
Clean intermittent self-catheterization is an established option in bladder management of spinal cord injury patients. Several early and a small number of long-term studies have reported good preventive or therapeutic effects on hydronephrosis, vesicourethral reflux, urinary tract infection and incontinence. Most reports describe the use of small catheters(More)
PURPOSE In this study we compared a polyvinyl chloride catheter with a new polyvinyl chloride-free catheter with the same hydrophilic coating, and determined whether patient perception of ease and comfort of clean intermittent catheterization was independent of the catheter material. MATERIALS AND METHODS This investigation was designed as a randomized,(More)
INTRODUCTION Bile acid malabsorption as reflected by an abnormal Se-labelled homocholic acid-taurine (SeHCAT) test is associated with diarrhoea, but the mechanisms and cause-and-effect relations are unclear. OBJECTIVES Primarily, to determine whether there is a reduced active bile acid uptake in the terminal ileum in patients with bile acid malabsorption.(More)
PURPOSE Bone material content was studied with single photon absorptiometry and dual energy x-ray absorptiometry , and the various biochemical parameters related to bone metabolism in patients with Kock reservoirs or Bricker conduits for urinary diversion. MATERIALS AND METHODS We examined 34 patients with Kock ileal reservoirs to the skin (29) or urethra(More)
Changes in deformability of rabbit and human erythrocytes caused by exposure in vitro to the oxygen free radical generator hypoxanthine and xanthine oxidase were studied. The deformability reduction observed after 30 min of exposure to hypoxanthine-xanthine oxidase could be prevented by pretreatment with SOD, while after only 5 min of such exposure(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia in adults with meningomyelocele and to explore whether neurologic level, ambulatory status, and other medical problems are associated with bone mineral density (BMD). DESIGN A cross-sectional study, including a self-administered questionnaire and clinical assessment. SETTING Outpatient(More)
This study compares the safety and effectiveness of two methods for the prophylaxis of post-operative thromboembolism in neurosurgical patients: A: low-dose heparin (5,000 IU X 2 s.c.) started preoperatively and continued daily for one week post-operatively, and B: per-operative electrical calf muscle stimulation with groups of impulses plus post-operative(More)