Olof Franksson

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The overall surface disposition of receptors for the neurotransmitter glycine was examined in situ on the teleost Mauthner cell. For this purpose, a monoclonal antibody specific for the glycine receptor was used in immunofluorescence experiments in association with the technique of confocal microscopy. Previous work had shown that on the Mauthner cell and(More)
A confocal scanning laser microscope (CSLM) for observation and quantitative ratiometric measurements of the intracellular dynamics of Ca2+ ions in living neurons has been developed. The instrument consists of a UV-enhanced CSLM, an optical arrangement providing simultaneous excitation at two wavelengths, an electronic arrangement for processing the(More)
The presence of glycine receptors was examined with a monoclonal antibody and indirect immunofluorescence on reticular neurons of the goldfish (Carassius auratus) brainstem. Images of thin (0.6 microns) optical sections were recorded from 80 microns thick specimen with a confocal microscope thus obviating the need for mechanical slicing. Due to the reduced(More)
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