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Contribution structures offer a way to model the network of people who have participated in the requirements engineering process. They further provide the opportunity to extend conventional forms of artifact-based requirements traceability with the traceability of contributing personnel. In this paper, we describe a case study that investigated the(More)
For anything but the simplest of software systems, the ease and costs associated with change management can become critical to the success of a project. Establishing traceability initially can demand questionable effort, but sustaining this traceability as changes occur can be a neglected matter altogether. Without conscious effort, traceability relations(More)
It is widely assumed that following a process is a good thing if you want to achieve and exploit the benefits of traceability on a software development project. A core component of any such process is the definition and use of a traceability information model. Such models provide guidance as to those software development artifacts to collect and those(More)
The challenges of implementing successful and cost-effective traceability have created a compelling research agenda that has addressed a broad range of traceability related issues, ranging from qualitative studies of traceability users in industry to very technical and quantitative studies. Unfortunately, advances are hampered by the significant time and(More)
This paper describes lessons from running software development projects across three globally distributed educational institutions. What was innovative about this study was that two of the institutions were located in service providing countries, conventional on-shore/offshore roles were reversed, and students were exposed to the realities of global supply(More)
It has been estimated that more than two million students started computing studies in 1999 and 650,000 of them either dropped or failed their first programming course. For the individual student, dropping such a course can distract from the completion of later courses in a computing curriculum and may even result in changing their course of study to a(More)