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Holographic dilepton production in a thermalizing plasma
A bstractWe use the AdS/CFT correspondence to determine the out-of-equilibrium production rate of dileptons at rest in strongly coupled $ \mathcal{N} = 4 $ Super Yang-Mills plasma. Thermalization isExpand
Production of Prompt Photons: Holographic Duality and Thermalization
We study the production of prompt photons in strongly coupledout-of-equilibrium Super Yang-Mills plasma using the AdS/CFT correspondence.Our goal is to determine the photon emission spectrum atExpand
Temperature dependence of standard model CP violation.
We analyze the temperature dependence of CP violation effects in the standard model by determining the effective action of its bosonic fields, obtained after integrating out the fermions from theExpand
Critical scalar field collapse in AdS 3 : an analytical approach
We present an analytical solution of a massless scalar field collapsing in a three-dimensional space-time with a negative cosmological constant, i.e. asymptotically AdS3. The Einstein and scalarExpand
Estimating f_NL and g_NL from Massive High-Redshift Galaxy Clusters
There are observations of at least 14 high-redshift massive galaxy clusters, which have an extremely small probability with a purely Gaussian initial curvature perturbation. Here we revisit theExpand
Holographic thermalization and Oppenheimer-Snyder collapse
The Oppenheimer-Snyder model, which describes the gravitational collapse of a ball of dust, can be used to model thermalization of strongly coupled systems using the AdS/CFT-duality. It can be usedExpand
an analytic approach
Dispatches Long considered a veterinary disease, cryptosporidiosis has emerged as an important infectious disease in humans (1). In immunocom-petent persons, the disease is usually self-limiting;Expand
Computing the temperature dependence of effective CP violation in the standard model
A bstractCP violation in the standard model originates from the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa mixing matrix. Upon integrating all fermions out of the theory, its effects are captured by a series ofExpand
Fast electroweak symmetry breaking and cold electroweak baryogenesis
We construct a model for delayed electroweak symmetry breaking that takes place in a cold Universe with T << 100 GeV and which proceeds by a fast quench rather than by a conventional, slow, phaseExpand
Spectator field dynamics in de Sitter and curvaton initial conditions
We investigate the stochastic behaviour of long wavelength modes of light spectator scalar fields during inflation. When starting from a classical field value, the probability distribution for theExpand