Olli Rummukainen

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This work analyzed the perceptual attributes of natural dynamic audiovisual scenes. We presented thirty participants with 19 natural scenes in a similarity categorization task, followed by a semi-structured interview. The scenes were reproduced with an immersive audiovisual display. Natural scene perception has been studied mainly with unimodal settings,(More)
This article presents VQone, a graphical experiment builder, written as a MATLAB toolbox, developed for image and video quality ratings. VQone contains the main elements needed for the subjective image and video quality rating process. This includes building and conducting experiments and data analysis. All functions can be controlled through graphical user(More)
There is reason to believe that sound interacts with visual attention mechanisms. Practical implications of that interaction have never been analyzed in the context of spatial sound design for audiovisual reproduction. The study reported here aimed to test if sound spatialization could affect eye movements and the processing of visual events in audiovisual(More)
Most research on multisensory processing focuses on impoverished stimuli and simple tasks. In consequence, very little is known about the sensory contributions in the perception of real environments. Here, we presented 23 participants with paired comparison tasks, where natural scenes were discriminated in three perceptually meaningful attributes: movement,(More)
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