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The clinical efficacy and adverse effects of budesonide administered as a nasal aerosol in addition to sinus washings and erythromycin therapy was assessed by comparison with placebo in a randomized, double-blind study of 40 patients with chronic or recurrent maxillary sinusitis. Most of the patients had been referred for operative treatment. Corticosteroid(More)
During 1983-87, tympanostomy tubes were inserted in a total of 4952 ears of 2575 children remitted to the ENT Department of our hospital because of chronic or recurrent otitis media problems. The children were included in a prospective study and referred to one of three groups for comparison of findings. Group 1 included all 6- to 12-month-old infants(More)
Although carcinoid tumors are labeled as neuroendocrine tumors they can also originate in tissue lacking neuroendocrine cells, such as that in the middle ear. Symptoms of a carcinoid tumor in the middle ear are common ear symptoms such as fullness, pain and hearing loss. Carcinoid tumors have also been considered to be slow-growing. Both these aspects can(More)
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