Olli Jokinen

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Enso-Gut&t is a Finnish company operating in pulp and paper industry. It has 1200 employees and its annual turnover is 700 million US Dollars. For its factories and sawmills it requires more. than 600 million cubic feet of timber as raw material annually, equalling to about 4CQNXl truckloads. Most of the timber is loaded from forests located all around(More)
Real, three-dimensional shape of a dust particle is derived from a pair of scanning-electron microscope images by means of stereophotogrammetry. The resulting shape is discretized, and preliminary discrete-dipole-approximation computations for the single dust particle reveal that scattering by such an irregular shape differs notably from scattering by a(More)
Intrinsic factor receptor was purified from hog ileum using human intrinsic factor covalently bound to Sepharose. A yield of 49.6% and a specific activity of about 2500 pmol/mg protein were achieved. The purified receptor was very unstable: 24 h of storage or addition of sodium phosphate precipitated it. The association constant of the receptor for the(More)
This paper presents a new multi-scales range data filtering technique which produces a scale-space filtering analogous to Gaussian filtering but has several interesting properties such as viewpoint invariance and automatic edge preservation. One of the main contribution of this paper is that it takes into account a physical model of the sensor to ensure(More)
1 We propose an area based method for the simultaneous registration of multiple 3-D data sets without known correspondences when a rough initial registration is known. The method is applicable to data sets which can be represented as single valued parametric surfaces. We introduce such a representation called a 3-D proole map for the data acquired by light(More)
Spherical imaging is a technical approach of collecting scenery by viewing it through a single perspective. A typical realization of spherical imaging is a panoramic mosaic covering a part of the hemisphere. According to a photogrammetric definition, we introduce here, spherical imaging is an exact central projection explicitly determined by its projection(More)
Two methods to solve the relative orientation of two disparity maps measured by a movable stereo head from distinct viewpoints are presented. The rst method is based on modeled features such as plane normals, axes of cones and cylinders, and vertices of cones. In the second method, the rst disparity map is projected onto the second one and the diierence(More)