Olli Aaltonen

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The development of a new vowel category was studied by measuring both automatic mismatch negativity and conscious behavioural target discrimination. Three groups, nai;ve Finns, advanced Finnish students of English, and native speakers of English, were presented with one pair of Finnish and three pairs of English synthetic vowels. The aim was to determine(More)
Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1) is a neurocutaneous-skeletal disorder often accompanied with varying degrees of cognitive and motor problems that potentially affect speech and language. While previous studies have shown that NF1 may be associated with a variety of deviations in the patients' speech, they have not investigated the characteristics in phonetic(More)
This study investigated whether speaking a foreign language affects the fundamental frequency (F0) of speech in 16 native Finnish and 14 native English subjects reading a text in Finnish and in English. The speech samples were analyzed for the mean and range of F0. Speaking a foreign language caused a change in F0 for the Finnish subjects, while the result(More)
Two experiments were conducted to determine whether vowel familiarity affects automatic and conscious vowel discrimination. Familiar (Finnish) and unfamiliar (Komi) vowels were presented to Finnish subjects. The good representatives of Finnish and Komi mid vowels were grouped into three pairs: front /e- epsilon /, central /ø-oe/, and back /o-o/. The(More)
The enantioselective esterification of racemic ibuprofen with n-propanol by immobilized Mucor miehel lipase in supercritical carbon dioxide was studied. The enantiomeric excess of the product (eep) was 70 % at 15...20 % conversion. The enantioselectivity was faintly affected by temperature and the concentration of ibuprofen and lipase. The optimum(More)
The present study examined whether early exposure in language immersion would result in better pre-attentive discrimination of non-native speech sound contrasts. Mismatch negativity (MMN) responses were measured from two groups of Finnish children. The Monolingual group had no prior exposure to other languages than the native one, while the Immersion group(More)
This article describes an arrangement for simultaneous recording of speech and the geometry of vocal tract. Experimental design is considered from the phonetics point of view. The speech signal is recorded with an acoustic-electrical arrangement and the vocal tract with MRI. Finally, data from pilot measurements on vowels is presented, and its quality is(More)
Proficiency in a second language (L2) may depend upon the age of exposure and the continued use of the mother tongue (L1) during L2 acquisition. The effect of early L2 exposure on the preattentive perception of native and non-native vowel contrasts was studied by measuring the mismatch negativity (MMN) response from 14-year-old children. The test group(More)
PURPOSE The effects of orthognathic surgery on the phonetic quality of speech were studied by analyzing the main acoustic features of vowel sounds. PATIENTS AND METHODS Five men with dentofacial deformities undergoing surgical operation for correction of malocclusion were enrolled in the study. The speech material consisted of 8 vowels in sentence(More)
For this study, we examined the perception and production of vowels by postlingually deafened patients with cochlear implant. Four patients and one normally hearing subject produced typical vowel sounds of Finnish by using a speech synthesizer. Also acoustic analyses of the pronounced vowels were made. The first (F1) and the second (F2) formant frequencies(More)