Olle Olsson

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Twelve schizophrenic subjects with acoustic hallucinations in their case histories were compared with 12 healthy reference subjects and eight subjects with panic disorder in a test of three auditory masking tasks, simultaneous masking (SM), forward masking (FM) and backward masking (BM). The schizophrenic subjects showed no differences from reference(More)
Abnormal auditory information processing has been reported in individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). In the present study auditory processing was investigated by recording auditory brainstem responses (ABRs) elicited by forward masking in adults diagnosed with Asperger syndrome (AS). Sixteen AS subjects were included in the forward masking(More)
  • Klas Orsv, Till Maria, Emma Och Nils, A Hassan, Olle Olsson, Bob Wielinga +1 other
  • 1996
Knowledge acquisition is a well known bottleneck activity in the development of knowledge-based systems. The model-driven approach to knowledge acquisition is to use a library of generic problem solving methods, where each one is specialized for a certain kind of application task, such as diagnosis or product connguration, that guides knowledge acquisition(More)
  • Fredrik Österlind, Christer Norström, Janusz Launberg, Karin Fohlstedt, Eva Gudmundsson, Lotta Jörsäter +14 others
  • 2011
Acknowledgements I first thank my thesis advisors Thiemo Voigt and Adam Dunkels for being my excellent advisors, and also for being the great colleagues you still are. Thiemo and Adam have complemented each other superbly, giving me feedback , perspectives, insights, and having made every single new venture truly fun. My deepest thanks also go to my(More)
In the context of the CommonKADS approach to knowledge acquisition, we present general guidelines for adapting a selected interpretation model to the speciic needs of an application. The guidelines are framed in a description of the select-and-modify modelling process, and the factors involved in it. The cornerstone of the guidelines is that the(More)