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R. Alfieri, R. Cecchini, V. Ciaschini, L. dell’Agnello , A. Gianoli, F. Spataro INFN, Italy F. Bonnassieux CNRS, France P. Broadfoot, G. Lowe University of Oxford, United Kingdom L. Cornwall, J. Jensen, D. Kelsey CCLRC/Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, United Kingdom Á. Frohner CERN D.L. Groep, W. Som de Cerff, M. Steenbakkers, G. Venekamp NIKHEF, The(More)
In this paper, we present an Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA)-based decentralized allocation enforcement system, developed with an emphasis on a consistent data model and easy integration into existing scheduling, and workload management software at six independent high-performance computing centers forming a Grid known as SweGrid. The Swedish(More)
This contribution presents the design and implementation of a bank service, constituting a key component in a recently developed Grid accounting system solution. The Grid accounting system maintains a Grid-wide view of the resources consumed by members of a virtual organization. The bank is designed as an online service, managing the accounts of VO(More)
The SweGrid Accounting System (SGAS) allocates capacity in collaborative Grid environments by coordinating enforcement of Grid-wide usage limits as a means to offer usage guarantees and prevent overuse. SGAS employs a credit-based allocation model where Grid capacity is granted to projects via Grid-wide quota allowances that can be spent across the Grid(More)
In this paper we present a system permitting controlled policy administration and delegation using the XACML access control system. The need for these capabilities stems from the use of XACML in the SweGrid Accounting System, which is used to enforce resource allocations to Swedish research projects. Our solution uses a second access control system(More)
We present the SweGrid Accounting System (SGAS) — a decentralized and standardsbased system for Grid resource allocation enforcement that has been developed with an emphasis on a uniform data model and easy integration into existing scheduling and workload management software. The system has been tested at the six high-performance computing centers(More)
Diana Bosio, James Casey, Akos Frohner, Leanne Guy, Peter Kunszt, Erwin Laure, Sophie Lemaitre, Levi Lucio, Heinz Stockinger, Kurt Stockinger CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland William Bell, David Cameron, Gavin McCance, Paul Millar University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ, Scotland Joni Hahkala, Niklas Karlsson,(More)
Grids are becoming economically viable and productive tools. They provide a way of utilizing a vast array of linked resources such as computing systems, databases and services online within Virtual Organizations (VO). However, today’s Grid architectures are not capable of supporting dynamic, agile federation across multiple administrative domains and the(More)
This article discusses the authentication and the authorization aspects of security in grid environments spanning multiple administrative domains. Achievements in these areas are presented using the EU DataGrid project as an example implementation. It also gives an outlook on future directions of development.