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Operation of dichogamy and herkogamy in five taxa of Pulsatilla
Dichogamy in five taxa of Pulsatilla (P. patens, P. pratensis, P. vernalis, P. vulgaris ssp. gotlandica and P. vulgaris ssp. vulgaris) is incomplete with overlap between the female and male phases ofExpand
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Genetic variation, clonal diversity and breeding system in sedges (Carex)
In this thesis I investigate genetic variation in clonal plants within the wind-pollinated plant family Cyperaceae and, in particular, in species of Carex. Clonal diversity and the spatialExpand
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Protection of renal cells against free radical damage in vitro. A morphologic and functional study on human and rabbit kidney cells.
The morphologic and functional effects of free radicals on renal cells in vitro were investigated, as well as the possibility of avoiding them by pretreatment with scavenger enzymes or a xanthineExpand
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Identification of potassium flux pathways and their role in the cytotoxicity of estramustine in human malignant glioma, prostatic carcinoma and pulmonary carcinoma cell lines.
Clinically-used drugs such as furosemide, bumetanide and cardiac glycosides, are modulators of transmembrane fluxes of cations. Recently, it has been suggested that the regulation of intracellularExpand
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Computerized detection of morphological changes to glioma cells during estramustine and ion-channel blocker perifusion.
A perifusion technique for microscopy with computerized detection of early changes in cell morphology during continuous perifusion was used to show that the geometry of cultured glioma cells (MG-251)Expand
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Pharmacological interaction with quinoid antitumor drugs.
With increasing age, the incidence of neoplastic disease and the likelihood of receiving multiple prescriptions increases. Antineoplastic drugs generally have a narrow therapeutic index and areExpand
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Interactions of cardiovascular drugs with the cytotoxicity induced by epirubicin and irradiation in-vitro.
Vasoactive drugs have been suggested to modulate the cytotoxicity of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In this study, we have tested whether a number of commonly used vasoactive drugs interact withExpand
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Habitat differentiation, phenology and allozyme variation in Carex caryophyllea and C. ericetorum.
Habitat differentiation, phenology and allozyme variation in Carex caryophyllea and C. ericetorum.
Positive pion production on 90Zr and 208Pb by 180 MeV protons
Abstract Angular distributions from the (p, π+) reaction on 90Zr and 208Pb leading to discrete nuclear states in the residual nuclei have been recorded at 180 MeV. The data are compared withExpand
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