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The reasons why heterozygotes for beta-thalassaemia have considerable variation in serum bilirubin levels are unknown. High levels of bilirubin could be related to the co-inherited Gilbert's syndrome, determined either by mutations of the coding region or by variation in the A(TA)nTAA motif of the promoter of the bilirubin UDP-glucuronosyltransferase gene(More)
New pesticides based on natural products are urgently needed, in consideration of their environmental care and lower collateral effects. Neem oil, the main product obtained from Azadiractha indica A. Juss, commonly known as neem tree, is mainly used in medical devices, cosmetics and soaps, as well as important insecticide. Manufacturing of neem oil first(More)
Caloric restriction causes a generalized decrease in growth rate and has been repeatedly associated with an inhibitory effect on cancer development in several systems. In contrast, exposure to complete fasting followed by refeeding is a metabolic condition associated with increased cell turnover in different organs, including the liver. The present study(More)
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