Oliviero Cecconi

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Initial attachment of leukocytes to the vessel wall at sites of inflammation is supported by a family of carbohydrate-binding adhesion molecules called the selectins. Selectin ligands include sialyl-Lewis x (sLex, Neu5Ac alpha 2-3Gal beta 1-4[Fuc alpha 1-3]GlcNAc--) and related structures. We report here that defined heparin oligosaccharides interact with(More)
An effective host response to infection or tissue damage requires focal accumulation of leukocytes. Leukocyte adhesion to the vessel wall, a key step in this process, depends on the ordered expression of specific endothelial cell surface molecules. The endothelial molecules that support adhesion include selectins that recognize leukocyte cell surface(More)
E-, P-, and L-selectin support the adhesion of leukocytes to the vessel wall through the recognition of specific carbohydrate ligands, which often contain sialylated, fucosylated lactosamines such as sialyl Lewis x [sLex; Neu5Ac alpha 2-3Gal beta 1-4(Fuc alpha 1-3)GlcNAc-]. E-selectin expressed by activated endothelium has been shown to support the adhesion(More)
In order to explore the influence of activated macrophages on tumor cells, we cultured a series of weakly metastatic clones isolated from the murine T3 fibrosarcoma line (T3 clones) and the B16-F10 melanoma cells on feeder layers of C. parvum- or thioglycollate-elicited macrophages, or ÔresidentÕ (unstimulated) macrophages. Co-cultivation with C.(More)
Selectins are cell adhesion molecules known to support the initial attachment of leukocytes to inflamed vascular endothelium through their recognition of carbohydrate ligands such as the tetrasaccharide sialyl Lewisx (Neu5Ac alpha 2-3Gal beta 1-4(Fuc alpha 1-3)GlcNAc-). In the present study, we describe the inhibition of L- and P-selectin function by(More)
A series of synthetic oligosaccharides based on sialyl Lewis x (sLex; Neu5Ac alpha 2-3Gal beta 1-4[Fuc alpha 1-3]GlcNAc) and sialyl Lewis a (sLea; Neu5Ac alpha 2-3Gal beta 1-3[Fuc alpha 1-4]GlcNAc) was used to study the binding interactions of selectins. E-selectin-immunoglobulin fusion protein (E-selectin-Ig) bound to immobilized bovine serum albumin(More)
Interest in lipid characteristics of metastatic cells was aroused by the consideration that the various lipid components of cell membranes influence a broad spectrum of cell surface biological functions which are involved in different steps of the metastatic cascade. Correlation between invasive properties and characteristics of cell surface components has(More)
We investigated whether metastatic phenotype is associated with a characteristic glycolipid pattern. For this study, we developed a system of variants with different metastatic potentials that we isolated from the highly metastatic T3 murine fibrosarcoma line by culture in 0.3% agar or on plastic. The glycolipid profiles of T3 cells and of their highly(More)