Olivier Vendier

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* © IEEE 1996, from Third Conference on Massively Parallel Processing using Optical Interconnect, Maui, HI, October 1996, pages 44-52. Abstract Focal plane processing applications present a growing computing need for portable telecomputing and videoputing systems. This paper demonstrates the integration of digital processing, analog interface circuitry, and(More)
The main failure mode of electrostatic actuated RF MEMS, the stiction of the bridge due to dielectric charging, is investigated using an appropriate methodology based on the MEMS microwave performances measurement for the failure detection and on the threshold voltages evolution monitoring for the failure analysis. The authors present an advanced(More)
The kinetic of dielectric charging in capacitive RF microelectromechanical systems (RF MEMS) is investigated using an original method of stress and monitoring. This effect is investigated through a new parameter: the shift rate of the actuation voltages. We demonstrate that this lifetime parameter has to be considered as a function of the applied voltage(More)
Optical interconnection through stacked silicon foundry complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) circuitry has been demonstrated at a data rate of over 40 Mb/s with an open eye diagram. The system consists of a 0.8m transmitter and receiver realized in foundry digital CMOS. The use of digital CMOS enables on-chip integration with more complex digital(More)
In this paper, the design and measurements of a low-loss radiofrequency (RF) microelectromechanical (MEMS) 2-Bit Ka-Band monolithic Phase-Shifter for high-power application is presented. These micro-strip circuits are fabricated on a 0.254 mm-thick Sapphire substrate and are based on a reflection-type topology which uses 3-dB branch line couplers. The(More)
A reliable low actuation voltage RF-MEMS switch is fabricated following a very simple design technique. Using well-known electrostatic RF-MEMS equations, it is experimentally demonstrated that both low actuation voltage and high reliability RF-MEMS switches can be easily achieved. As an example, a 6.8V switch is fabricated and tested. The measured on/off(More)
This paper deals with the design, manufacture and test of a high efficiency power amplifier for L-band space borne applications. The circuit operates with a single 36 mm gate periphery GaN HEMT power bar die allowing both improved integration and performance as compared with standard HPA design in a similar RF power range. A huge effort dedicated to the(More)