Olivier Trescases

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We introduce a novel infrastructure supporting automatic updates for dynamic content browsing on resource constrained mobile devices. Currently, the client is forced to continuously poll for updates from potentially different data sources, such as, e-commerce, on-line auctions, stock and weather sites, to stay up to date with potential changes in content.(More)
—The main focus of this paper is the implementation of mixed-signal peak current mode control in low-power dc–dc converters for portable applications. A DAC is used to link the digital voltage loop compensator to the analog peak current mode loop. Conventional DAC architectures, such as flash or 16 are not suitable due to excessive power consumption and(More)
Vertical double diffused MOSFET (VDMOS) is an established technology for high-current power-switching applications such as automotive circuits. The most serious failure mode is destructive damage during inductive switching, resulting from avalanche breakdown of the forward-blocking junction in the presence of high current flow. Improving the ruggedness of(More)
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