Olivier Trescases

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We introduce a novel infrastructure supporting automatic updates for dynamic content browsing on resource constrained mobile devices. Currently, the client is forced to continuously poll for updates from potentially different data sources, such as, e-commerce, on-line auctions, stock and weather sites, to stay up to date with potential changes in content.(More)
—The main focus of this paper is the implementation of mixed-signal peak current mode control in low-power dc–dc converters for portable applications. A DAC is used to link the digital voltage loop compensator to the analog peak current mode loop. Conventional DAC architectures, such as flash or 16 are not suitable due to excessive power consumption and(More)
—A spread spectrum technique and system for reducing average electromagnetic interference (EMI) in low-power digitally controlled dc-dc switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) are introduced. The technique utilizes very simple hardware, where the switching frequency of a SMPS is dynamically varied over a controlled range. This is achieved by changing the supply(More)
— This paper presents a Wireless Sensor Node (WSN) architecture with solar power generation and a hybrid energy storage scheme. The WSN is composed of three key modules: Energy Harvesting, Energy Storage, and the Control/Processing unit. The harvesting module consists of a miniature 179 mW solar array and MPPT hardware. A rechargeable 350 mAh Lithium-Ion(More)
— Increasing adoption of FPGAs in digital switched-mode power supply (SMPS) control is driving significant interest in improved platforms for development and commercial deployment. A new methodology for high-level system design of SMPS controllers is proposed and developed commercially. The feasibility, validity and accuracy of the approach is evaluated(More)
—Maintaining high efficiency at light-load conditions is extremely important in most modern power management applications, where the predominantly digital loads spend the majority of their time in idle mode. The objective of this paper is to review circuit and system-level techniques used to leverage the existing process technologies in order to achieve(More)
— It has been demonstrated that performing localized maximum peak power tracking (MPPT) on each photovoltaic (PV) panel, instead of using a single MPPT controller across the PV string can substantially increase the total harvested power, since each panel experiences unique illumination and temperature conditions. In this work, the effect of the dc-dc(More)
Vertical double diffused MOSFET (VDMOS) is an established technology for high-current power-switching applications such as automotive circuits. The most serious failure mode is destructive damage during inductive switching, resulting from avalanche breakdown of the forward-blocking junction in the presence of high current flow. Improving the ruggedness of(More)