Olivier Trescases

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We introduce a novel infrastructure supporting automatic updates for dynamic content browsing on resource constrained mobile devices. Currently, the client is forced to continuously poll for updates from potentially different data sources, such as, e-commerce, on-line auctions, stock and weather sites, to stay up to date with potential changes in content.(More)
The main focus of this paper is the implementation of mixed-signal peak current mode control in low-power dc–dc converters for portable applications. A DAC is used to link the digital voltage loop compensator to the analog peak current mode loop. Conventional DAC architectures, such as flash or are not suitable due to excessive power consumption and limited(More)
This paper presents the design of integrated Dead-Time-Locked Loops (DTLL) for a fixed-frequency Zero-Voltage-Switching QuasiSquare-Wave (ZVS-QSW) buck converter. This is developed to address the challenges of DC/DC conversion for next-generation high-performance microprocessors. The DTLLs provide real-time accurate dead-time control with fast error(More)
This paper reports on a low-voltage CMOS power MOSFET layout technique, implemented in a 0.25μm, 5-metal layers CMOS process that is suitable for high speed switching power devices. The proposed hybrid waffle (HW) layout technique organizes MOSFET fingers in a square grid (waffle) arrangement. It is designed to provide an effective trade-off between the(More)
This paper targets photovoltaic microinverters (MIVs) with integrated battery storage. The dual-active-bridge (DAB) topology provides bidirectional power flow; however, it generally suffers from poor efficiency and limited regulation accuracy at low power. It is shown that by modifying one switch, the DAB converter can operate as a two-transistor flyback to(More)
This work targets low-power portable electronic applications with PV power harvesting. A bidirectional dc-dc converter is required to interface the battery with the load and PV module. A new current-mode scheme is applied to the single-inductor three-port converter, where the peak and valley inductor current are controlled by two separate digital regulation(More)
ybrid vehicles are rising in popularity due to high fuel prices and growing environmental awareness. The electric bicycle (e-bike) is rapidly emerging as a new form of simple and cost-effective transportation for smog-infested urban areas. The e-bike is a hybrid light electric vehicle (HLEV) that can be powered both by pedals and/or an electric motor.(More)
This paper presents a Wireless Sensor Node (WSN) architecture with solar power generation and a hybrid energy storage scheme. The WSN is composed of three key modules: Energy Harvesting, Energy Storage, and the Control/Processing unit. The harvesting module consists of a miniature 179 mW solar array and MPPT hardware. A rechargeable 350 mAh Lithium-Ion(More)
Maintaining high efficiency at light-load conditions is extremely important in most modern power management applications, where the predominantly digital loads spend the majority of their time in idle mode. The objective of this paper is to review circuit and system-level techniques used to leverage the existing process technologies in order to achieve high(More)