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In this paper we consider a source, N relays, a destination, a channel realization and a per-slot global power constraint and we try to resolve the following problem: what is the best way to communicate: with direct transmission or using the orthogonal Amplify and Forward protocol (OAF) or the non orthogonal (NAF) one? This is equivalent to resolve a power(More)
A parasitological study of malaria was carried out in two central districts of Yaounde (Cameroon) for one year. The Essos district was built near marshy shallows. The Obili district was comparable to Essos but there were many poorly maintained fish breeding pounds. Surveys were carried out quarterly in each district with a sample of 22 and 16 families at(More)
The administration of 0.5 g (IM) of desferrioxamine every 12 hr for 3 days with 25 mg/kg (total dose for three days) of chloroquine abated the parasitemia of Plasmodium falciparum infected individuals more rapidly than chloroquine alone. Two patients with in vitro evidence of total or partial resistance to chloroquine also were successfully treated with the(More)
The two main Amplify and Forward cooperative protocols are the orthogonal (OAF) and the nonorthogonal one (NAF). In this paper, we consider a given source, N relays, a destination, and a channel realization and we try to resolve the following problem: what is the best way to communicate: without cooperation or using one of the two cooperative protocols?(More)
iii To the " Schulzets " : Marieanne, Barbara, Nina and Lola iv v Acknowledgments I owe special thanks to Prof. P. Rieder at the Department of Agricultural Economics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (DAE-ETHZ), Zurich, who initiated this research and who offered me this opportunity. Prof. P. Rieder generously welcomed me within his Department(More)
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